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The Inside Page

Editing Services

Penny Le Maistre, B.A.

A lot of attention is given to the cover page, but what about the inside page? Whether it be for a novel, website, newsletter or report, I offer editing and writing services that will enhance your readers' experience and keep them engaged past that cover page.


Contact me for a brief consultation on your needs. We will discuss which type of editing you require, the turnaround time, your deadline and my availability.

Our Services

Structural Editing

Looking for help improving the structure and flow of your written work?



Looking for help ensuring clarity, coherence and flow within your written work?



Looking for help ensuring your grammar, spelling and punctuation are correct?


Looking for final checks to ensure everything falls into place?


I'm thrilled with Penny's work! She promptly returned the finished document before expected. She even took the time to explain each modification and her reasoning for it. I would highly recommend her!

Souad Mechkour


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