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How It Works
The Editing Process

Getting Started

Now that you have completed your work, it is time for editing.

Choose from a variety of services:

Improve the structure and flow of your written work.

Ensure clarity, coherence and flow within your written work.

Ensure your grammar, spelling and punctuation are correct.

Final checks to ensure everything falls into place.

Contact me for a brief consultation on your needs. We will discuss which type of editing you require, the turnaround time, your deadline and my availability.

Submitting Your Work for Editing

Whether you are in my local area or from afar, submitting your work is easy.


I am based in central Alberta, but I work with clients across North America.


You can submit your written work (paper, electronic, USB) in a variety of ways:






Having Your Say in the Editing Process

After all, it is your work.


Worried about handing your hard work over to someone else to poke and prod and point out ways to improve it, even criticize it?

Not to worry, the goal of editing your work is to make it the best possible for publishing or submission while maintaining your voice.

Rest assured, your voice will remain yours

You are involved during the editing process.


I edit using Track Changes features in Microsoft Word. As I edit, the changes are tracked directly in the document. Any questions that I have for you will also appear.

For those who do not have Microsoft Word, I will edit in Google Docs, which has similar editing features as Track Changes.

Although not the preferred method, it is still possible to submit a paper copy of your work. I will mark your copy with suggested edits and questions.

After each round of edits, I will return your work for your perusal, questions, comments and approval. This will continue until you are happy with the edits, then your final copy will be ready.


Communication is of utmost importance in this process. In the end, it is your work, and you will have the final say.


Requesting My Services

When the time is right, hire me for your editing needs.


Researching and Writing
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