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Penny, wearing sunglasses and a short-sleeved shirt is sitting on a rock with the Canadian Rockies in the background

Penny Le Maistre

When I was in grade 6, my school's librarian introduced me to a series of biographies, and there has been no turning back since. I was captivated by these small books that allowed me to enter the lives of people such as Amelia Earhart, Madame Curie and Alexander Graham Bell. The power of the written word had its hold on me.

You can find me roaming through libraries and bookstores looking for that next great read.

I received my post-secondary education from the University of Alberta, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in French and economics. I studied the art of editing at Simon Fraser University, finishing with a certificate in editing.

After many years working in both the business and education sectors, I took my passion for editing and turned it into a career; hence, The Inside Page Editing Services was born.

To the writers out there: I know a lot of sweat and tears go into writing. My mission is to help you effectively convey your message while ensuring your readers receive material that will keep them reading. You have worked hard at creating a piece of work for which I know you are proud. I am dedicated to working with you as part of a team, keeping your vision at the forefront while we polish up your work.

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